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JOHNE'S INFORMATION CENTER - University of Wisconsin Ñ School of Veterinary Medicine
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There are many excellent
websites concerning Johne's
disease. A selected number
of hand picked noncommercial
sites are listed here.

These sites are not part of the Johne's Information Center website, and the University of Wisconsin has no control over their content or availability.

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Invited Submissions
Readers and authors of other relevant websites are invited to submit them for addition to this page of the Johne's Information Center. Please submit the URL by entering it into the form below:

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Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

An interactive Information tool developed by and for Wisconsin dairy producers. Click on "herd health" for more on Johne's disease and other dairy cattle diseases.

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International Association for Paratuberculosis

An organization of scientists, animal owners and consumers dedicated to advancing and disseminating knowledge about M. paratuberculosis.

IAP web site

International Regulations on Johne's disease (paratuberculosis)

The OIE is the main international organization concerned with infectious diseases of animals. Their stated objectives are to provide transparency regarding animal health internationally, to safe guard animal health in world trade, and to provide a resource of experts and publications on animal diseases.

OIE web site

Denmark – Operation Paratuberculosis

The Danish program on bovine paratuberculosis, launched in 2006, is a voluntary control program. The program aims to provide Danish dairy farmers with options to, in the most economic and welfare advantageous manner, enable them to reduce the prevalence and impact of paratuberculosis. The website has two excellent videos describing the program.

Danish Control Program website

Paratuberculose (paratbc)
Gezondeindsienst voor Dieren (Animal Health Service of
The Netherlands)

Paratuberculose (paratbc) is een ongeneeslijke ziekte die wordt veroorzaakt door een bacterie. De ziekte komt voor bij verschillende diersoorten (zoals rund, geit, schaap). This site describes the basics of Johne's disease for Dutch visitors to the site.

Animal Health Service of The Netherlands web site

Johnes Information Centre

Animal Health Australia

Australia has the most well developed national Johne's disease program of any country. This site describes their programs, called Market Assurance Program (MAP), for cattle, and sheep. Comparable programs for other animal species are under development. Quarterly reports are issued showing the progress and discussing challenges for each program are posted at this site. A visit to this site is A MUST.

Animal Health Australia web site

Tuberculosis Y Paratuberculosis

Facultad de Veterinaria. Universidad de León

Information about tuberculosis and paratuberculosis (Johne's disease) in ruminants. Prepared by veterinary pathology faculty in Spain.

Universidad de León web site

Canadian Johne’s Disease Initiative

The Canadian Johne’s Disease Initiative (CJDI) was launched July 1, 2010. The Initiative is funded by Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) and the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) and has the following priorities: i) Education and awareness, ii) Provincial program encouragement and coordination, iii) Research support and facilitation. For more information, visit their regularly updated website:

Johne’s Education and Assistance Program for Ontario Dairy Producers

Program website


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Veterinary Certificate and Producer Education

This link gives one-stop access to veterinary certification, and re-certification, programs in all U.S. states as well as producer training programs. After following this link, click on the buttons at the top of the page or any colored state on the U.S. map.

National Johne’s Education Initiative

The National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) launched a collaborative effort between industry and government to educate producers, veterinarians and others involved in dairy and beef production about Johne’s disease. The program is designed to help minimize risks and control Johne’s disease and is led by Teres Lambert, Johne’s Education Coordinator.

National Johne's Education Initiative web site

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture main Johne's disease web site

This site is managed by the USDA epidemiologist in charge of Johne's disease for the U.S.A. It contains information and links to most of the relevant activities in the U.S. on Johne's disease.

USDA Johne's disease web site

U.S.A.H.A. Johne's Disease Committee
U.S. Animal Health Association

The USAHA is a non-governmental organization with members representing animal producers, governmental regulatory agencies concerned with animal health, and researchers interested in animal diseases. At the annual meeting the Johne's Disease Committee learns of new information about the disease and formulates resolutions that give direction to the USDA on actions the Committee thinks are necessary to help control this disease. The site contains annual committee reports back to 1997 and history of past resolutions and actions taken by USDA in response to these resolutions.

U.S.A.H.A. Johne's Disease Committee web site

U.S. National Johne's Working Group (NJWG)
U.S. Animal Health Association

The NJWG was created to help organize and coordinate efforts to develop national Johne's disease control and herd certification programs in the U.S. The NJWG enhances work of the USAHA Johne's Disease Committee. The NJWG website describes its functions, membership and accomplishments since its formation in 1995.

NJWG web site

U.S. NVSL - approved Johne's disease testing laboratories
USDA-APHIS National Veterinary Services Laboratory

A product of the NJWG was creation of a system for approving laboratories as being proficient to perform diagnostic tests for Johne's disease. At present approval for two types of test are available; M. paratuberculosis detection (culture, PCR or any other method) and ELISA (a blood test). Laboratories must successfully pass this test annually to be on the approved list. The list becomes available by November 1 each year but it frequently takes several months for this website to be updated.

USDA-APHIS National Veterinary Services Laboratory web site

Survey for Johne's disease in U.S. dairy cattle herds
USDA-APHIS-VS Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health (CEAH)

In 1996 a U.S. Dept. of Agriculture agency, CEAH, surveyed dairy cattle herds in the U.S. for Johne's disease. They also gauged producer awareness and estimated the economic of Johne's disease. The full report of their findings is available at the CEAH website.

CEAH web site

Survey for Johne's disease in U.S. beef cow-calf cattle herds
USDA-APHIS-VS Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health (CEAH)

In 1997 a U.S. Dept. of Agriculture agency, CEAH, surveyed beef cattle herds (those that produce calves, referred to as cow-calf herds in the U.S. and beef suckler herds in many other countries) in the U.S. for Johne's disease. They also gauged producer awareness and estimated the economic impact of Johne's disease. The full report of their findings is available at the CEAH website.

CEAH web site



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Heading: Individual Websites

Wisconsin Johne's disease program
Wisconsin Dept. Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection

Information about the State Johne's disease control program.

Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection web site

Minnesota Johne's disease program
Minnesota Board of Animal Health

Comprehensive information on Johne's disease and Minnesota's program for control and prevention with several good links to additional information.

Minnesota Johne's disease program web site

Center for Dairy Health, Management and Food Quality
Johne's Disease Information Source

College of Veterinary Medicine - University of Minnesota

An integrated program to prevent and control Johne's disease in
Minnesota cattle herds.

Johne's Disease Information Source web site

Ohio Johne's disease program
Ohio Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

Basic information on Johne's disease but little information on Ohio's Johne's disease program.

Ohio Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory web site

Commonly Asked Questions About Johne's Disease
Indiana Board of Animal Health

Answers to common questions about Johne's disease.

Indiana Board of Animal Health web site

Kentucky Johne's disease regulations
Kentucky Dept of Agriculture

A copy of state law regarding Johne's disease [KRS 257.030(3), (4), 257.110] in cattle and bison.

Kentucky Dept of Agriculture

Rocky Mountain Regional Animal Health Laboratory
State of Colorado Department of Agriculture

Information about Colorado’s Voluntary Bovine Control Program and prevalence of Johne’s Disease in Colorado.

RMRAHL website


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Heading: Research Websites

M. paratuberculosis Genome Project
Microbial Genome Project, University of Minnesota

The latest results of work to sequence the full genome of M. paratuberculosis.

Microbial Genome Project web site

DNA fingerprinting system for M. paratuberculosis
Laboratory of Ivo Pavlik, Czech Republic

The largest database for DNA fingerprinting of M. paratuberculosis comes from the laboratory of Ivo Pavlik. This website describes his proposed standardized system and illustrates results.

Laboratory of Ivo Pavlik web site

Molecular biology data on M. paratuberculosis
source not known

Detailed scientific data on parts of the genome of M. paratuberculosis that have been sequenced.

Molecular biology data

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