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Comparative Pathobiology of IBD and pTB

Scientific Review Article

Scientists in Spain have published a novel and comprehensive comparison of diseases that are considered “chronic regional intestinal inflammatory diseases” (CRIID), with paratuberculosis being a prototype.  This review contrasts the nature of pathology seen in humans, nonhuman primates and 13 other animal species or types of animals with excellent color photomicrographs illustrating the pathology seen with MAP infections in cattle.  It also tabulates the history of these diseases from 1502 to the present, the epidemiology of CRIID and affect of therapeutics.  The review lists 151 references.

Although written for the technical specialist, especially pathologists, it is an excellent concise review of the subject that may help lead to a more informed discussion on the role of MAP in many forms of inflammatory bowel conditions.  This article was published in the  journal Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (volume 62, pages 88-100, February, 2019).

Note: It is well known that all ruminants are susceptible to MAP infection.  Our website has a special page for teh NON-ruminants that have been shown to be MAP-infected.  Check it out here!