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Our donors and sponsors help sustain delivery of accurate and timely information about Johne’s disease and the bacterial pathogen causing this problem to animal owners, veterinarians, and others interested in public health. No contribution is too small. Below is a list of all donors and sponsors of this website.

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Ms. Kelly Anklam

Ms. Heather Cushing

Dr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Dow

Dr. Johanna Greenberg

Mr. John Haaland, MAP/PATH LLC

Ms. Chandi Heffner

Mr. Christopher Henkel

Ms. Brenna B. Kunkel

Mr. Patrick McLean


Ms. Miranda Moretz

Ms. Deborah Moskowitz

Ms. Cheryl Nelson & Mr. Larry Nelson

Mr. Tobias Nergarden

PBD Biotech

Ms. Nancy Stuhr

Walter & Martha Renk Endowed Laboratory for Food Safety

Ms. Laurie Tolbert