University of Wisconsin–Madison

Dublin Meeting on MAP

The 15th International Colloquium on Paratuberculosis (15-ICP) will be held in Dublin Ireland, June 12-16, 2022.

To date, there are 182 registrants, and it is looking to be a very enjoyable conference. If you haven’t registered yet it’s not too late. The organizers are delighted with the number of abstracts submitted and have put together a strong scientific program. There are six plenary speakers, all experts from around the world, including Marcel Behr, Kumi De Silva, Frank Griffin, Marian Price Carter, Vivek Kapur and Herman Barkema.

There are six different sessions in the Scientific Program:

  1. Pathogenomics, Genotyping and MAP diversity (10 Oral Presentations)
  2. Control programs and Education (8 Oral Presentations)
  3. Diagnostics and detection (12 Oral Presentations)
  4. Host response and immunology (10 Oral Presentations)
  5. Epidemiology and Economics (10 Oral Presentations)
  6. Public Health and MAP in the environment (8 Oral Presentations)

A new feature at this colloquium is that before each poster session, five poster presenters will give a 2-minute pitch to encourage people to view their poster and discuss their research further. There are a total of 84 posters. The full program is available on the meeting website.

For details on travelling to Ireland please visit the Irish Government website.

There is also an interesting social program and you can anticipate many impromptu meetings, dinners and outings providing a chance meet leaders in MAP research personally. If you haven’t been before it is great opportunity to meet up with people working in the same field. There will be several social events  targeted at graduate students, future MAP research leaders.

There is a Facebook page and a Twitter page. Details of places to visit when you come to Ireland will be included on these pages as well as Breaking News about the Colloquium.


This is the one and only international meeting focused on paratuberculosis (Johne’s disease) and the causative agent, MAP. It is always an exceptional meeting and a chance to meet and discuss this chronic, infectious, zoonotic pathogen of global importance with world experts.