University of Wisconsin–Madison

JD in Dairy Cattle Lectures

Dairy producers and their herd veterinarians commonly ask:

  • What is the best test to help control JD in dairy cattle?
  • What should I do with cattle that test ELISA-positive?
  • How can I avoid buying MAP-infected cattle?
  • Which test should I use to certify my herd is free of Johne’s disease?
  • What are my first steps in controlling Johne’s disease?
  • Should I use the ELISA for JD on blood (serum) or milk samples?
  • Will JD control improve my farm profitability – what’s the evidence?
  • How common are national JD control programs and how to they work?

These and many more questions are addressed in a new two-part lecture series titled “Johne’s Disease in Dairy Cattle part 1 and part 2” (40 minutes each) now available on this website.  You will also find on this same web page lectures titled “Johne’s Disease in Goats” and “MAP is a Zoonotic Pathogen”.