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MAP & Crohn’s & RedHill BioPharma – more details.

This news item provides a copy of a press release from RedHill BioPharma that gives more details about their clinical trial findings. Key findings:

Primary endpoint successfully achieved – superior remission rate at week 26 in patients treated with RHB-104 (p= 0.013).

Key secondary endpoints also met, demonstrating consistent benefit to Crohn’s disease patients treated with RHB-104.

Comment: The real proof is in the final peer reviewed publication: Repeating comments from the prior new item, if the final published results of this trial are consistent with the claims in this press release, it represents a final piece of evidence indicating that MAP is a cause of Crohn’s disease. This would heighten the need for veterinary medicine, animal agriculture, and relevant governmental agencies concerned with food safety to limit contamination of food and water by MAP.

Press Release