University of Wisconsin–Madison

Paratuberculosis Book – second edition

The second edition of the book titled Paratuberculosis: Organism, Disease, Control has just been published. The editors, Behr, Stevenson and Kapur, have produced a timely follow up to the first book on Paratuberculosis (2010), this new edition is still the only comprehensive text providing both historical context and the latest developments in the field. Examining the epidemiology of paratuberculosis, the organism that causes the disease, and practical aspects of its diagnosis and control, it also addresses the link between paratuberculosis in the food chain and human health implications, including Crohn’s disease. The 438 page book contains 23 chapters written by the leading world experts in paratuberculosis (Johne’s disease). It is available from Amazon for e-readers for US$147.25 or from Google for US$124.00. The hard cover version has not yet been released for sale but can be pre-ordered from Amazon for US$155.00