University of Wisconsin–Madison

Risk Assessments App

Risk assessments are the foundation of Johne’s control programs. They assist herd owners develop management plans to minimize risks for MAP introduction and spread in their herd. The risk assessment and management plan (RAMP), prioritize management changes to insure herd owners focus on making changes in herd management that maximize efforts to control Johne’s disease.

The University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine has converted the traditional paper RAMP designed for us in the U.S. into an App that speeds the process, makes it paperless, and even allows for submission of the complete RAMP to both the animal owner and the state official charged with monitoring Johne’s control programs directly from the App. The RAMP App is designed for both dairy and beef herds, but owners of other animals can use the same principles for their herd or flock.

The Johne’s RAMP App is one of 15 such Apps for iPads developed by the Production Medicine unit of the UW School of Veterinary Medicine for dairy herd health monitoring. Click here to see the full list.

More about RAMPs for dairy herds can be found at this link.

More about RAMPS for beef herd can be found at this link.

This is a direct link to the iTunes App store to obtain the JD Risk Assessor.